Vocal Mixing Workshop

Learn how to mix vocals at the
Vocal Mixing Workshop

The Vocal Mixing Workshop is a 4-hour in-person workshop taught by Dan “5PiECE” Lombardi.

The workshop offers artists, producers, and engineers insight and instruction on how to mix stunning vocals like a professional. Save time spent watching tutorials – learn the most useful tricks and techniques from a real engineer that has worked with the industry’s best.

This workshop will provide you with the techniques, tactics, and mindset required to create a compelling vocal mix and your best music yet.


TBA 2019

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After Attending The Workshop, You Will Be Able To…

✓ Mix vocals with the mindset of a mixing engineer

✓ Understand how to approach your mixes and spend less time mixing as a result

✓ Identify problems within your recorded tracks and create strategies to fix them

✓ Use EQ, Compression and other tools strategically to mix vocals

✓ Fix harsh and problematic vocals

✓ Use recording and mixing techniques kept secret by the Pros

✓ Make vocals shine in a mix

✓ Create space for vocals in a busy mix

✓ Mix vocals over a 2-Track beat when you don’t have trackouts

✓ Use techniques to make your mix cut on small speakers such as laptops and earbuds

✓ Apply mastering to your production to make it loud, punchy and full to captivate more listeners and translate across listening devices



Every attendee will receive an exclusive copy of the


This item can’t be purchased, sold or downloaded anywhere. Inside, you’ll find the perfect plan of attack for mixing vocals from start to finish.

About The Instructor

Dan “5PiECE” Lombardi is an audio engineer, mixer and producer based in Toronto, ON, Canada.

5PiECE graduated from the Metalworks Institute of Sound & Music Production in 2013 with a diploma with honours in Audio Production & Engineering. Upon graduating, he interned for Drake’s record label OVO Sound, mentoring under his main producer Noah “40” Shebib at their SOTA Studios Facility. He later moved on to engineer at several full-scale facilities in Toronto such as DNA Recording Facility, Vespa Music Group and New Toronto Studios before setting up his own private studio and music company. Throughout his travels, 5PiECE has worked alongside notable talent such as Sean Paul, MADEINTYO, 24HRS, !llmind, MurdaBeatz, WondaGurl and many more. 5PiECE is familiar with most popular DAWs and prefers to produce in Ableton and mix in Pro Tools.

Listen to songs that 5PiECE has produced, mixed and mastered



The payment includes:

  • One admission into the Vocal Mixing Workshop
  • One copy of The Vocal Mixing Blueprint Booklet
  • Pizza lunch and drinks provided by 5PiECE

For more information please visit the Vocal Mixing Workshop page.

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The workshop takes place at Lynx Music Studio located at 260 Emerson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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The workshop is 4 hours total. There will be a 20 minute intermission half-way through the workshop.

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Artist, producers and engineers who are looking to understand how to mix vocals better in order to achieve a more professional sound with their music.

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Rap, Hip Hop, Trap, Pop and R&B are the genres that this workshop caters to most. Other genres that are electronic and/or loop-based will still find helpful information here- but most of the information is specific to urban music.

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This workshop is taught in Pro Tools.

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Yes – this workshop will help you mix better regardless of DAW. The workshop is comprised of mixing strategies and techniques that you can use in any DAW environment including but not limited to FL Studio, Logic, Reason, Reaper, Cubase, etc. The key is to understand the concepts and find ways to apply them in your setup. The execution may be slightly different but the logic, understanding and knowledge is always the same.

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5PiECE uses a variety of plugins with a particular emphasis on the ones that come standard with Pro Tools to show you don’t need fancy plugins to achieve a clean mix. Some additional plugins from FabFilter, Waves, iZotope, and Universal Audio may also be used within the workshop.

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How Much Is The Workshop?

Please refer below for a breakdown of the pricing.

Vocal Mixing Workshop
(4 Hours)

Reg. Price $149.99   


Per Single Admission into the Workshop
Includes pizza lunch with drinks and a copy of the THE VOCAL MIXING BLUEPRINT



Terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us for more information.