Music Production

Every painter needs a canvas and every artist needs a beat. In today’s musical climate, the production is often what makes or breaks a song, with producers playing as big of a role in the song’s success as the artist.

I’ve been making beats and producing music since I was in high school. I’ve spent over well over 10 years developing my sound while being fortunate enough to learn from some of the best minds in the Toronto music production scene such as Noah “40” Shebib, MurdaBeatz and WondaGurl along the way.

As an audio engineer, I know how crucial the mix is to making the song hit and have a big impact on the listener. I use my engineering skills when producing music all the time, which means you will always get beats with clear low end, hard-hitting drums and lush arrangements.

Because my production is a direct reflection of my brand, I am very exclusive with who I sell beats to. I strictly deal with exclusive licenses only and don’t do any sort of leases. This is to ensure that the purchasing artist:

  1. Gets a beat that is unique and tailored to them
  2. Truly cares about the production because it was an investment
  3. Will do what they can to take the song and production to the next level
  4. Won’t have to worry about other artist’s buying and using the same beat

Take a listen to some songs that I’ve had a hand in producing in the embedded player.


Great production is an investment. If you’re looking to enhance your sound and buy beats or custom production for your next song, please tell me about your project in the contact form below so we can get started:




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