Your song is mixed. The elements are properly blended and everything is sitting exactly where it needs to be frequency-wise and in the stereo field. The problem is- it’s not as loud as the industry songs you’ve been listening to.

That’s where Mastering comes in.

In order to get your songs to compete with industry records, it has to be loud, punchy and full. Mastering is the final stage in the music making process where the mixed song is mastered to be as loud as all of the other commercial records out there so it can compete in today’s musical climate.

By working with me to master your records, you’re sure to get:

  • A high-quality master that is clean, smooth and polished
  • A master that is loud enough to compete with industry records without distorting
  • EQ, compression and advanced processing techniques applied to your song
  • Stereo enhancement to make your song feel 3-D
  • Bigger sounding low end by getting the bass and kick drums to hit better
  • More vocal presence and better sitting vocals overall
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • And more…

Take a listen to some songs I recently mixed and mastered in the audio player to the right.


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