Toronto-via-Conneticut spitter LeftField Keele drops a brand-new EP “Bilingual Binoculars” featuring production, recording, mixing and mastering from 5PiECE.

Check out the tracklist below and listen to the full project anywhere digital today.

1. How We Livin’ (Prod. 5PiECE)

2. Royal 1s (Prod. Tyco)

3. Ridin’ Round 2 (Prod. 5PiECE)

4. Maserati Missions (Prod. 5PiECE x Frank Dukes)

5. M.I.T.M (Prod. 5PiECE x UglyTomorrow)

6. Dollar Figures (Prod. JimmiTheDealer)

All songs except #6 recorded by 5PiECE

All songs mixed and mastered by 5PiECE