Case Study: EverythingOShauN

EverythingOShauN Taps 5PiECE in on his new album

And Reaches over 100,000 New Fans

5PiECE and EverythingOShauN at 5PiECE’s private studio in Toronto, ON

The People

EverythingOShauN is an multi-talented artist from Brampton, ON (a place in the Greater Toronto Area). He’s been making music for years with his brother/producer/engineer Xpress aka DJXP, and together they’ve put out successful albums such as Until Now and Almost Everything.

The Set Up

EverythingOShauN has many of the resources he needs at his disposal – such as access to a private recording studio with high-end equipment and the talents of Xpress aka DJ XP who is his main producer and engineer.

After working on their own for years, EverythingOShauN and Xpress came to 5PiECE looking to step up the quality of their music, make a better overall product and reach more people with it.

The Goal

Together with the help of 5PiECE, XP and EverythingOShauN outlined their goals which aimed to:

  1. Find better ways to record and produce their music (before moving into mixing)
  2. Get some new, original production
  3. Mix & Master their next project Everything Over Everything Else
  4. Find funding to help pay to create and distribute their music

They had some experience working with other producers and engineers in the past but weren’t always satisfied with the results. Because of this, they often worked on their own and were reluctant to hire new producers and engineers.

They decided to take a chance and work with 5PiECE for the first time on this project.

The Execution

This project had multiple touch points, and required 5PiECE’s extensive knowledge and skills in Education, Production, Mixing & Mastering, and Grant Writing.

By understanding their goals for this project, 5PiECE was able to create an actionable plan that delivered the results they wanted.


EverythingOShauN was looking for a few more records before finalizing the track-list and moving into mixing and mastering the project.

5PiECE teamed up with long-time collaborator SLWJMZ to create the steamy instrumental to “W.C.W” – one of the standout tracks on Everything Over Everything Else.

Mixing & Mastering

Once the initial track-listing was complete and agreed upon, 5PiECE and Xpress worked together to source all of the files. Xpress was the main tracking engineer on the project and also produced 7 out of the 8 tracks on the album. The entire album required a full mix & master– meaning 5PiECE would touch the instrumental and vocal tracks on every record.

5PiECE crafted the mixes and worked closely with Xpress and EverythingOShauN during revisions to deliver compelling mixes that showcased their music in the best light.

Once mixing was complete, 5PiECE mastered the entire project. This is where 5PiECE created the flow of the album by sequencing songs, and processing them to make every record loud, full and consistent from top to bottom.

Throughout this process, 5PiECE did whatever it took to ensure everyone was happy with the sonic quality of the project before release.


Because Xpress is EverythingOShauN‘s main producer and engineer, it was important to help him expand his skill set and learn how to work more effectively.

5PiECE held in-person mixing and revision sessions with Xpress to tackle the mixing and mastering of the album, while also teaching him how to approach these processes.

This led to Xpress taking this knowledge and applying it while mixing and mastering “Almost Everything” completely on his own (which was created at the same time as EOEE, but released a year earlier).

Grant Writing

EverythingOShauN and Xpress are creative masterminds, but like many artists, often struggle with balancing financial obligations while building a lucrative music career.

5PiECE worked with them to create a grant proposal in order to fund a future project that would follow Everything Over Everything Else.

5PiECE handled all of the logistics of writing the application, and ultimately won them $2,000 in funding from FACTOR’s Artist Development Program in April 2018.

This funding has since been secured and focused on their forthcoming project which is TBA 2019.

The Results

Everything Over Everything Else by EverythingOShauN was released on

November 2nd, 2018


EOEE Front Cover


EOEE Back Cover


The project was a great success and hit many milestones for EverythingOShauN such as

  • Over 100,000 fans listened to and added the singles Mañana and Out The Window
  • Gained over 25% more streaming listeners over his previous release “Almost Everything” in less time
  • Key songs from the project such as Mañana and Out The Window were added to Spotify Editor Playlists such as Northern Bars and New Music Friday.
  • The project was shared by noteworthy publications including (but not limited to) Complex, Exclaim!, HipHopCanada, Ear Milk and more.
  • Singles such as Al Jazeera were played at major sporting events including Toronto Raptors Basketball games
  • Singles such as Lowry and Out The Window were played on radio stations such as Flow 93.5FM and Vibe 105.5FM in Toronto


Listen To Everything Over Everything Else

About 5PiECE

Dan “5PiECE” Lombardi is an audio engineer, mixer and producer based in Toronto, ON, Canada.

5PiECE graduated from the Metalworks Institute of Sound & Music Production in 2013 with a diploma with honours in Audio Production & Engineering. Upon graduating, he interned for Drake’s record label OVO Sound, mentoring under his main producer Noah “40” Shebib at their SOTA Studios Facility. He later moved on to engineer at several full-scale facilities in Toronto such as DNA Recording Facility, Vespa Music Group and New Toronto Studios before setting up his own private studio and music company. Throughout his travels, 5PiECE has worked alongside notable talent such as Sean Paul, MADEINTYO, 24HRS, !llmind, MurdaBeatz, WondaGurl and many more.

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