Mixing is a miraculous stage in the recording process. After a song is recorded, it usually comes together during the mix. When you get it right- it moves your fans to experience your music the way you intended them to. That’s because a great mix isn’t just a technical process- it’s a very creative one that has an exact tie-in to the production of the song itself.

By blending the different elements of your song together while keeping the end-listener in mind, I can deliver a great mix that inspires and moves you. Take a listen to some songs that I’ve mixed in the embedded player.

With every mix you’ll receive:

  • Your song professionally mixed using Pro Tools software and industry-renowned plugins and outboard gear
  • A clean, present, well-balanced mix that translates in different listening environments
  • EQ, compression and other processing applied to elements of your song (where applicable)
  • De-essing, gating and expanding elements of the song to control unwanted sound/noises
  • Additional editing to smooth out takes and overall production
  • And much more….


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